Visceral disease

K. Reljanovich.,B. Reljanovich
Jukicena 30, 11000 Zagreb, Croatia

Seventy-six cases of obesity were treated by applying acupuncture according to the differential diagnosis of a syndrome in TCM:

Excessiveness or hyperactivity of the spleen and stomach.

Deficiency of the spleen and stomach.

Deficiency of vital energy (YANG deficiency of spleen and kidney).

Patients were advised to consume food according to the System of Five Phases:

1. The Five Energies: hot, warm, neutral cool and cold.

2. How the flavours according to normal and excessive quantities from various foodstuffs affect the organs.

3. How flavours affect the body in moderation quantity and in excess quantity

4. Movements of food in Zang-Fu organs.

The treatment period was three months applied twice per week. The criterion of therapeutic effect was the BMI (body mass index). All patients had BMI over thirty-five percent before treatment while after treatment their BMI was twenty-two to twenty-seven percent. Acupuncture and food advising are very effective in treating obesity.