ICMART Herbal Committee

Current members of the committee

Chair: Dr. Karin Stockert, MD, Austria

Dr. Thomas Burgoon, MD, USA
Dr. Josef Hummelsberger, MD, Germany
Dr. Francisco Lozano, MD, Mexico
Dr. Chun-Lee Oie-Tan, MD, The Netherlands


ICMART Webinar about Chinese Herbal medicine – 

another successful event for ICMART members! 

Organized by ICMART Herbal Committee, the last ICMART webinar on Feb 28, 2021, offered a great opportunity to get an introduction to Chinese Herbal medicine. Under the fundamental question ‘How can an Acupuncturist benefit from Chinese Herbal Medicine?’ great experts from Austria, Germany, South Korea, The Netherlands and the USA gave answers with current scientific and practical insights into Chinese Herbal medicine. 

Thanks to all the wonderful lecturers, to everyone participating – more than 267 participants –  and to the ICMART organizing team who made it possible that there was a very smooth operation and that all raised questions could be answered in detail. 
All lecturers made their lectures available for download here:

What is important to know about Chinese herbs
Dr. Josef Hummelsberger, Germany

Traditional Korean Herbal Medicines: Current status and the research trend
Kwon Seungwon MD, South Korea

Holding the handlebar from two sides – Thoughts on combining Acupuncture with Herbal Medicine in practice
Dr. Matthias Lechner, Austria

Why should an acupuncturist use Chinese Herbs for gastrointestinal diseases?
Dr. Francisco Lozano, Mexico

Immunological impact of Chinese Herbs on respiratory infections
Dr. Karin Stockert, Austria 

Severe acute infectious mononucleosis treated with Traditional Chinese Herbal Medicine: a case report
Dr. Thomas Burgoon, USA

Treatment of Post-COVID 19 syndrome with Chinese Herbs: case reports
Dr. Albert van Dinteren, Netherlands 

Chinese Herbal Medicine – successful treatment for orthopedic and traumatic injuries 
Dr. Josef Hummelsberger, Germany